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Best guild: BastardS
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Grand Reset 06.09.2014
With the new season, there are some changes in the issuance of things behind the Grand Reset. Now making Grand Reset you can take one item+13+28+l+3 exe. opt. to choose (+3 socket opt. if you select item from the 4 season).   
After 3 Grand reset is possible to get, and one thing from the new sets Grand Hero (fall into this category and Wings 4lvl.) +13+28+l+3 exe. opt.+3 socket opt. +anc. opt., but you have to go into minus 1 Grand Reset (ie if you have 4 gras you can take things out of 4 Grand Hero set but you will have 0 Grand reset). And so, after 5 GRs can take Wing lvl 5., But will go into minus 2 GRs (that is, if you have 6 GRs, can take a Wing and stay with 4 GRs).    
With GR could change class by category:    
sm - bk - ae together    
dl - mg as.    
Summoner does not fall into any of the categories if you want to play for him, you have to start from the beginning.    
Once you reach 8 GRs, get a bonus rings and pendant+7+28+3 opt.
Sincerely Administration!

Grand Reset 31.03.2013
Once you reach 100 Resets and 400 lvl, instead of the Reset button appears Grand Reset.     
Grand reset is reset Resets and lvl. The stats will be only the first reset, then Points will be awarded as ranische + 10000 * count. Grants, it is reset to 1 and 2 Grand reset, you will receive 11,000 points, and the three Grand reset and 2 ests has 31,000 points.     
For himself Grand Reset you get 1000 credits and symbolic 1 thing+13+28+Luck+3option (the choice of items and options in treatment with me on skype or e-mail), and have the right to change the class and the item obtained on previous Grand Reset whenever Grand Reset.
Sincerely Administration!

A little bit about the game 12.01.2013
Yes, that you can become the first player in the server, good luck! The server is stable and no wipe will not be! On the server is Anti-Hack who will provide you with an honest race. And also to simplify the game, there is a built autoclicker + windose mode. How to start? After downloading, go to Mu-Online.exe and press Run. 
Hot keys:                              
F6 - Presses the magic and turns.                    
F7 - Just click on the magic.                          
F8 - Off all the pressing.                           
F9 - Settings.                               
F12 - Hides the games.                               
If you are in F6 it must be turned off to use F7                    
Commands in the game:                                       
/post <global message>                                      
/str <up points>                                             
/agi <up points>                                             
/vit <up points>                              
/ene <up points>                              
/cmd <up points>               
Sincerely Administration!

1. BlackDog08
2. HyperStorm08
3. PopaL_YpaL08
4. SeRyoGa08
5. LeoxMD447
6. CaRleoNe327
7. M1chel187
8. Tinkoff97
10. PykuBpoT376

1. BastardS 32
2. FearGod 24
3. 6whiteho 7
4. ACAB 4
5. Immortal 3

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