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Experience: x50
Total users online: 43 (65)
Best player: BumBelBee
Best guild: LEGEND
Server time: 17 : 21

Working: 129 Day



Update 11.05.2017
A couple of weeks, there were no updates, all for the holidays, will be on schedule every 2 weeks. But this time the list is a little more!  
1. Added spots in... Read more!
Sincerely Administrator!

Technical works 30.04.2017
I inform you that on 30.04.2017 from 20:00 to 21:00 the server, possibly the site will be unavailable, I will move to a new more qualitative hosting. Immediately after that... Read More!
Sincerely Administrator!

Collector 28.03.2017
The essence of the contest is to collect a complete second bank /ware 1, with Heart of Love. The first 2 players will receive the last Wings level 4(Wings of Conqueror, Wings of Angel & Devil). The next 3 players will receive Wings level 3(Wing of Storm, Wing of Eternal, Wing of Illusion, Wing of Ruin, Cape of Emperor, Wing of Dimension).     
Be sure to comment on the screen in this thread as soon as you collect and ... Read More!
Sincerely Administrator!

Update 21.03.2017
It remains exactly a week before the announcement of the results of the competition for VIP status (details in the subject The best photo).  
All who will be online on Sunday at 22:00 and they have not a single warning for breaking the rules will receive 100 credits each, and this will not be the only time, keep playing adequately! And as soon as information on those who have a warning and a way to reset them will appear on the site, it is possible in the next updates.  
Almost a weekly update list... Read More!
Sincerely Administrator!

Update 12.03.2017
I hasten to refute all the rumors that the server is supposedly shutting down or something like that, the server is very young, and will show all its potential. These rumors appeared in connection with the fact that the guild FURY left the server as several players were blocked through the dypes to distribute anything around the guilds, 50% of the veins were of course on me, so only those who used this loophole many times were blocked, nevertheless A lot of guild players decided to leave behind the congregations in one way or another provoke the ban(for this reason the top was emptied). It all does not affect the server's performance, and it will work until online is more than 0, I will add that from the last donation the hosting services were paid for another month and also the old domain mu-online.md was purchased for a year ahead :)  
And so the list of the latest updates: ... Read More!
Sincerely Administrator!

The best photo 07.03.2017
The contest is very simple, you need to make a photo(PrintScreen), and send it to the e-mail: admin@mu-online.md(with the name "Contest", attach the photo and the participant's name). Up to 3 photos are allowed per person. 
Evaluated by ... Read More!
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1. BumBelBee314
2. cMePuCb413
3. LLIaPaBuK263
4. Tinkoff183
5. BuPyC53
6. Seryoga782
7. AkeJLa702
8. GOHAN652
9. FireAngel492
10. TAHK92
11. Igurok12
12. viRo1001
13. Phantom951
14. Hooligans881
15. Tink0ff851

2. DarkSide 0

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