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Best guild: Moldova
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[Update 09.11.2017] Wings, bind commands, fixes, hard-teleport 12.09.2017
To begin with, the previous points with which problems have arisen have been completed. Here is the list of updates: 
1. Now for events [Skeleton King] 5 stones fall instead of 2 of the boss, and on a pebble from the remaining skeletons. 
2. All Divine items have been reworked, they are unique in that they have a small minimal damage, and almost the topmost maximum, now the client has the correct values. 
3. Fixed problems with... Read more!
Sincerely Administrator!

[Update 15.08.2017] New wings, balance of pvp and buffs 19.08.2017
As for the competition, as few people participated in it, was decided to give everyone who participated on the Gold vip for 10 days to everyone, the participants will be announced additionally in the corresponding section, sadness. All that is written below will take effect after the server restart, which will happen today(August 15, 17) at 18:00 by server time and the list of changes: 
1. Solved problems with... Read more!
Sincerely Administrator!

Stop easy, bonuses for beginners, item witch socket 02.08.2017
It was decided to award the first 3 players from the top, guys you fellows, the first will get 2 rings+13+28 and a pendant with 6 options, the second 2 rings+13+28 with 6 options and the third one ring+13+28 with 6 options. Now these items will get BumBelBee, LLIaPaBuK and cMePuCb, then if the situation with the top 3 will change items will be transferred to others, please contact me for a receipt. And now the list of changes: 
1. Credits for... Read more!
Sincerely Administrator!

I am sexy 20.07.2017
Contest is very simply, like "The best photo" need to make a photo(PrintScree, go in client and find ScreenShots folder or use other way you like), after send screen to adress: mu-online.md@mail.ru (with name "I am sexy", add photo and name of you character in description). Is permise 3 photos from 1 human. 
Requirements:... Read more!
Sincerely Administrator!

Work on errors 14.07.2017
In last update some of list not work or work incorect, and some small error(thanks all who report about), I am sincerely sorry for that. Tomorrow(15.07.2017) at 18:00 will be restart and fixed, server will be offline no more of 5 minutes, and after... Read more!
Sincerely Administrator!

Update 10.07.2017
Since the last update there should be a couple of updates in the site, they will soon be finished, faced with some difficulties. I thought first of all to repay debts later, but it was delayed, and I decided to jump over, the market will justify itself as it will be ready, thanks for your expectation. 
A list of updates that will take effect after a reboot today at... Read more!
Sincerely Administrator!

Update 11.05.2017
A couple of weeks, there were no updates, all for the holidays, will be on schedule every 2 weeks. But this time the list is a little more!  
1. Added spots in... Read more!
Sincerely Administrator!

Technical works 30.04.2017
I inform you that on 30.04.2017 from 20:00 to 21:00 the server, possibly the site will be unavailable, I will move to a new more qualitative hosting. Immediately after that... Read More!
Sincerely Administrator!

Collector 28.03.2017
The essence of the contest is to collect a complete second bank /ware 1, with Heart of Love. The first 2 players will receive the last Wings level 4(Wings of Conqueror, Wings of Angel & Devil). The next 3 players will receive Wings level 3(Wing of Storm, Wing of Eternal, Wing of Illusion, Wing of Ruin, Cape of Emperor, Wing of Dimension).     
Be sure to comment on the screen in this thread as soon as you collect and ... Read More!
Sincerely Administrator!

Update 21.03.2017
It remains exactly a week before the announcement of the results of the competition for VIP status (details in the subject The best photo).  
All who will be online on Sunday at 22:00 and they have not a single warning for breaking the rules will receive 100 credits each, and this will not be the only time, keep playing adequately! And as soon as information on those who have a warning and a way to reset them will appear on the site, it is possible in the next updates.  
Almost a weekly update list... Read More!
Sincerely Administrator!

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1. BumBelBee 288
2. GOHAN 945
3. LLIaPaBuK 855
4. Seryoga 445
5. cMePuCb 405
6. AkeJLa 185
7. BuPyC 794
8. Tinkoff 254
9. Victorius 673
10. RoyalBM 643
11. TiTaN 633
12. TypucT 623
14. FireAngel 333
15. TanTzoR 143

1. Moldova 0
2. MuPHblE 0
3. 3aKoH 0

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